ME117 Spring 20223-2024 Syllabus

ME117 Catalog Description

Introduction to CAD and 2D drawing techniques, 2D drawing techniques, Hand sketching techniques, Orthographic projection, 3D solid modeling (extrude, cut, drill, revolve, loft, inclined and oblique surfaces, holes, edit, unite), Layout generation and auxiliary views, Principles of sectioning (full, half, broken-out, rotated, ribs, webs, alignment), Dimensioning, GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing), Assembly and machine elements (bolts, nuts, other threaded elements, gears, cams, locking devices), Assemblies and working drawings, Surface developments.



Engineering Drawing and Design Cecil Jensen | 2007 | 978-0073521510 | Helsel, Dennis Short
3D Computer Aided Design with NX10: Engineering Design in Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing
Simulations with NX: Kinematics, FEA, CFD, EM and Data Management

Weekly Lecture Outline

1Introduction to CAD and 2D Drawing Techniques
22D Drawing Techniques, Simple Hand Sketching Techniques Orthographic Projection
3Orthographic Projection
4Orthographic Projection
53D Solid Modeling (extrude, cut, drill, revolve, loft)
63D Solid Modeling (inclined and oblique surfaces, holes, edit, unite)
7Layout Generation and Auxiliary Views
8Principles of Sectioning (full, half, broken-out, rotated)
9Principles of Sectioning (ribs, webs, alignment)
11GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)
12Assembly and Machine Elements (bolts, nuts, other threaded elements)
13Assembly and Machine Elements (gears, cams, locking devices)
14Assemblies and Working Drawings and Surface Developments

Course Grading


Grading percentages are tentative and may change during the semester.
Grading:Spring and Fall Semesters
AssignmentPercent Weight
Homeworks + Quizes15%
2 Midterms50% (25% each)