Siemens NX

2023-2024 Fall Applications
Siemens NX license applications have finished for this semester. If you missed it, you MUST wait for the next semester.

ME117 Fall 2023-2024 Siemens NX License Application Results

Previous Applications
If you already applied for a license and got accepted during previous semesters/years, you CAN’T apply again. Here is the guide for these students. Please read carefully:

How to Activate Previous License (ONLY FOR ME STUDENTS)

Note: If you are an ME105 student, contact with your own instructor, e-mails from former ME105 students will not be answered.

Computer Labs
Students can study in the following computer labs in which Siemens NX is installed.

If you see a error page on the dormitory computers, click here and apply the procedure to correct the bundles.

E-mails to the course instructors or assistant about Siemens NX installation and/or error issues WILL NOT be replied. Check the troubleshooting guide below.
Common Errors and Solutions
Click here to see the troubleshooting guide if you are getting error messages after you install Siemens NX.

Click here to see how to fix bundle/expired error.

ME300-ME400 Report Template
You can download the METU/ME template to use in your ME300/ME400 summer practice report below.

Template files for Siemens NX (prt)

Template file example (pdf)

METU ME Machine Shop Templates
You can download the METU template to use for machine shop jobs (you may also use this template in your summer practice reports):

METU Template